Healthy Eating

Getting Back to Healthy Eating + Helpful Tips for the Busy Person

When I was first diagnosed with cancer, it was a huge wake up call for me to evaluate my lifestyle and made me aware of how unhealthy I was living. Because I was so scared that cancer would get the best of me, I was hugely motivated and changed my eating habits instantly. 

I would juice a few times a day, eat all the cruciferous vegetables, minimised my meat consumption and avoided dairy and sugar. It was easy peasy because at that point in my life, fear was driving me to eat healthy in a way I had never done before.

However, it’s now been six years from diagnosis. The anxiety and fear of a cancer recurrence has somewhat dissipated and frankly so has my motivation for healthy eating.

My life also looks different now. Busier. (Who's life isn't?).

I'm now focused on caring for my daughter. And it's hard work, taking up all my time and energy.

I've finally managed to get her to love broccoli.

Ok, I lie.